China is building the “Digital Silk Road”

China is building the “Digital Silk Road”

China is building the Digital Silk Road by laying PEACE (Pakistan East Africa Connecting Europe) submarine cable in the Arabian Sea, which will bypass India for Pakistani Internet traffic. This PEACE cable will considerably reduce the internet data transfer time. This multi-trillion-dollar initiative of the broader Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) or (the new Silk Road) was announced by the Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping back in 2013. Under this project, a cross-border fiber optic cable will be laid in Pakistan by China that will serve the geostrategic interests of China and Pakistan both by creating the Digital Silk Road.

The 240-million-dollar project, in partnership with Huawei Technologies of China, of laying cable between Rawalpindi and the port cities of Gwadar and Karachi was approved last week by the government. This strategic move will significantly boost connectivity, digital cooperation, and global trade between East Africa, East Asia, and Europe. Experts are of the view that the countries involved in this project will be able to cut their trading costs by half. It will also sidestep international telecommunication consortiums that are dominated by Indian and Western companies.

Digital Silk Road
PEACE Cable International Network, Pakistan Govt.

China “Digital Silk Road” bana raha hai

China Arabian sea main pani k under PEACE (Pakistan East Africa Connecting Europe) cable bichha kar Digital Silk Road bana raha hai jis ki waja se Pakistani internet traffic k lye India ko bypass kia ja sakta hai. Iss PEACE cable ki waja se internet data transfer k time main khatir khwa hadd tak kami a jae gi. Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping ne 2013 main iss multi-trillion-dollar project yani broader Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) ya (naye Silk Road) ka ilaan kia tha. Iss project main China aik cross-border fiber optice cable Pakistan main bichhaye ga aur iss naye Digital Silk Road ki waja se China aur Pakistan dono ko geostrategic faiday hasil hon ge.

Pakistan government ne last week main iss 240 million dollar k project ki manzoori di, jis k tehat Huawer Technologies China k sath patnership main Rawalpindi se le k Gwadar aur Karachi ki port cities k darmiyaan cable bichhai jae gi. Iss strategic move se wazah tor pe East Arfica, East Asia, aur Europe main connectivity, digital cooperation aur global trade main tezi aye gi. Experts ka khayal hai k iss project main shamil countries ki trading costs adhi ho jaen gi. Aur iss ki waja se international telecommunication consortiums se bhi chhutkaara paya ja sakay ga jisay Indian aur Wester companies ne apnay qabzay main lia hua hai.