Fahad Mustafa criticizes the Turkish actor…

Fahad Mustafa criticizes the Turkish actor…

The 37-years old actor, producer, and host Fahad Mustafa has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Although he wasn’t involved in any major controversy, he couldn’t hold himself back while talking about the Diriliş: Ertuğrul famed actor Engin Altan. In his recent interview with “Something Haute,” the actor slammed the Turkish historical series and its supporters. He said: “we’re not Turkish, we’re not Indian, we are Pakistani. Ertugrul (Engin Altan) also came, sat with the lion, took the money, and left, didn’t he? That’s all you guys were for him.

For you, there is Humayun Saeed. It’s us. Admit it or not, we were here and we will be here in the future.” Currently, the actor has been on the receiving end for his recent shows Nand and Jalan that is being criticized by the Pakistani public. His remarks against Engin didn’t sit well with the followers as well. Even a member of the Senate of Pakistan, Faisal Javed Khan criticized Fahad for his remarks against Engin by saying that Engin is one of the finest actors on TV, and Diriliş: Ertuğrul brought him huge fame across the world. He further added that we must learn from that drama, it is not a threat but an opportunity.  

Fahad Mustafa criticizes the Turkish actor

Fahad Mustafa ki Turkish actor Engin Altan pe tanqeed!  

 37 saal k actor, producer aur host Fahad Mustafa kafi arsay se spotlight main hain. Agarchary wo kisi khaas controversy main involve nahi huay lakin wo apnay ap ko Diriliş: Ertuğrul se shohrat panay walay Turkish actor Engin Altan k baray main baat karnay se nahi rok sakay. “Something Haute,” ko apnay haal hi main dye gaye aik interview main actor ne Turkish historical series aur is k supporters ko tanqeed ka nishana banaya. Unhon ne kaha k hum Turkish nahi hain, hum Indian nahi hain, hum Pakistani hain. Ertugral (Engin Altan) bhi aya, shair k sath betha, paiay lye aur chala gya, kia us ne aisa nahi kia? Ap sab log us k lye is se zada kuch nahi they. Ap k lye Humayun Saeed hai, hum hain.

Ap isay tasleem karain ya nahi, hum yahan they aur future main bhi hum hi yahan hunge. Aj kal Fahad ko un k shows Nand aur Jalan k lye Pakistani awaam ki taraf se kafi tanqeed ka nishana banaya ja raha hai. Engin k khilaf un k bayan ne bhi followers ko kafi naraaz kia hai. Yahan tak k Pakistan ki Senate k aik member Faisal Javed Khan ne bhi Fahad pe un k remarks ki waja se tanqeed ki aur kaha k Engin TV k chand behtreen actors main se aik hai, aur  Diriliş: Ertuğrul ne usay sari dunya main bohat shohrat dilwai. Unhon ne ye bhi kaha k hamain is drama se kafi kuch seekhnay ki zarorat hai. Hamain isay aik opportunity ki tarah lena chahye aik threat ki tarah nahi.