How to Prepare Chocolate Delight Dessert

How to Prepare Chocolate Delight Dessert

Dessert is a very important part of our meal that concludes it and it mostly consists of something sweet. Today we will teach you how to prepare a very interesting and delicious dessert in just a few minutes, this dessert is called “Chocolate Delight Dessert”. The ingredients required are;

Chocolate Biscuits              1,1/2 pkt

Dairy Cream                        1 pkt

Chocolate custard              500g (prepared)

Choco chips                         150g

Dark chocolate                   200g

How to Prepare Chocolate Delight Dessert

The recipe is very simple and quick, first, take the biscuits and crush them. Take a couple of small serving bowls or cups, put 1 teaspoon each of the crushed chocolate biscuits in the base of these cups. Now take some prepared chocolate custard and pipe this custard above the crushed biscuits. Take dark chocolate and melt it on a double boiler. Drizzle this melted dark chocolate on custard, garnish the serving with dairy cream. Now sprinkle some chocolate chips on these cups and serve it chilled. 

Chocolate Delight Dessert kaiasy banaen 

Dessert ya meetha hamaray khanay ka aik bohat hi eham hissa hotay hain jin se hum apna meal khatam kartay hain, aur mostly desserts main kuch meetha hi hota hai. Aj hum ap ko aik bohat hi interesting aur mazedaar dessert banana sikhayen ge aur wo bhi kuch minutes main. Is dessert ka naam “chocolate delight dessert” hai. Is k ingredients main shamil hain;

Chocolate Biscuits             1,1/2 pkt

Dairy cream                        1 pkt

Chocolate custard             500 g (bana hua)

Choco chips                        150g

Dark chocolate                   200g

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