Indian Twitterati called Rihanna “Pakistani Spy”

Indian Twitterati called Rihanna “Pakistani Spy”

Rihanna, AKA RiRi, the renowned American pop star diva created a quivering in India on Tuesday. In her tweet, she supported the ongoing farmers’ protest against the new agricultural reforms by the Narendra Modi led government. Through her Twitter account with more than 101 million followers, the diva tweeted by sharing a CNN article on the demonstrations, “why aren’t we talking about this? With the hash-tag FarmersProtest.”

This tweet of hers spurred an online surge in India. Some praised the diva for her concern while others thought the singer is being unreasonable. Indian Twitterati even called Rihanna a “Pakistani agent.” Fuel was added to this fire when an old picture of Rihanna and Zulfi Bukhari got viral on the internet. It is unclear when this picture was taken but according to the sources it was taken in September 2018. Indians believe that Rihanna is supporting this movement because of Sayed Zulfi Bukhari. After the tweet from Rihanna, the Indian governments’ PR also got active and bigwigs of the Bollywood industry including Suniel Shetty, Ajay Devgan, Karan Johar, Suresh Raina, and many others started urging their Indian followers not to fall for this “false propaganda” and stay united. Zulfi Bukhari, the special assistant to PM Imran Khan, also praised Rihanna for raising her voice for this cause. He said, “Well said and well done.”

Rihanna “Pakistani Spy”

Indian Twitterati ne Rihanna ko Pakistani jasoos qarar de dia

Rihanna, AKA RiRi, famous American pop star dive ne Tuesday ko India main aik toofan barpa kar dia. Apni tweet main unhon ne farmers’ k protest ko support kia jo k wahan k farmers Narendra Modi ki government ki agricultural reforms k khilaaf kar rahay hain. Apnay Twitter account k zariye uhon ne apnay 101 million se zada followers k sath aik tweet share ki jis main unhon ne CNN k in demonstrations k khilaf aik article ko bhi share kia aur kaha “hum iss k baray main baat kun nahi kar rahay? Iss k sath unhon ne FarmersProtest ka hash-tag use kia.” Un ki iss tweet ne India main aik online tehalka macha dia. Kuch logon ne un ki iss concern ko saraha jab k baqion ne kaha k singer unreasonable ho rahi hain. India k Twitterati ne Rihanna ko Pakisani agent tak bana dia.

Iss jalti pe tail ka kaam Rihanna aur Zulfi Bukhari ki aik picture ne kia jo k internet pe viral ho gai hai. Ye wazya nahi hai k ye pictuer kab ki hai lakin sources k mutabiq ye September 2018 ki hai. Indians ka khayal hai k Rihanna Sayed Zulfi Bukhari ki waja se iss movement ko support kar rahi hain. Rihanna ki iss tweet k baad indian government ki PR bhi harkat main a gai aur Bollywood ki barri barri hastian jin main Suniel Shetty, Ajay Devgan, Karan Johar, Suresh Raina aur bohat se aur shamil hain maidaan main uter aye aur apnay indian followers se request karnay lagay k iss false propoganda pe dehaan na dain aur united rahain. Zulfi Bukhari jo k PM Imran Khan k special assistant hain ne bhi Rihanna ko saraha k unhon ne iss cause k lye apni awaaz uthai. Unhon ne kaha, “theek kaha aur theek kia.”