Mehar Posh

Name: Mehar Posh

Description: Mehru and Shahjahan are neighbors and both of them respect each other’s families. On Mehru’s wedding night Shahjahan and his friends jokingly pass flirtatious comments on Mehru. Mehru’s husband, Naeem, overheard these comments and believing them to be true, give a divorce to Mehru on the wedding night. Mehru’s father dies after hearing this sad news. When Shahjahan comes to know of this, feels ashamed and blames himself for Mehru’s divorce. Mehru and Shahjahan start liking each other and want to get married, but Ayat, Mehru’s sister, threatens Mehru that she will commit suicide if Shahjahan is not married to her as she also likes Shahjahan a lot. Mehru convinces Shahjahan to marry Ayat, but after the marriage, Ayat tries to manipulate Shahjahan and tries to get Mehru out of the life of Shahjahan. Ayat even poisons the food of Mehru but when Mehru and Ayat’s mother Nusrat try to eat this food, Ayat confesses of mixing poison in Mehru’s food to kill her. Soon after this incident, Ayat meets a serious accident. On her death bed, Ayat requests Shahjahan to marry Mehru and asks him to promise her that he will always keep Mehru happy. Shahjahan and Mehru get married after Ayat’s death and start living happily ever after.


Starring: Danish Taimoor, Ayeza Khan, Ali Abbas, Zainab Shabbir, Rehan Sheikh, Ismat Zaidi, Sania Saeed, Iffat Rahim, Humaira Bano, Syed Arez, Beena Chaudhary, Ayesha Gul, Seemi Pasha, Affan Waheed, and others.

Channel: GEO TV

Writer: Misbah Nausheen

Director: Mazhar Moin

Producer/ Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment


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