Mujhay Khuda Per Yaqeen Hai

Name: Mujhay Khuda Per Yaqeen Hai

Description: Nazneen and her mother Shakira are forced by their neighborhood to leave their home as they are both involved in witchcraft and black magic. While looking for a new place to settle, Nazneen and Shakira end up at the home of a happily married couple of Hammad and Rida. Nazneen who is already married wants to get rid of her husband whom she despises and wants to marry a rich guy like Hammad. Hammad and Rida treat this mother-daughter duo like a family. Shakira pretends to be an expert in religious knowledge, whereas she practices black magic. Shakira uses her dark skills to break the bond between Hammad and Rida. Nazneen also joins in the cause by manipulating Rida. Nazneen with the help of her mother’s black magic succeeds in marrying Hammad. What will happen to Hammad and Rida’s relationship? Will Hammad and Rida ever realize that they are under the influence of black magic? Will Hammad and Rida ever get together again? Will Nazneen and Shakira ever get caught and will they get the punishment they deserve? Will Rida being a strong woman, be able to get her family back by overcoming all the obstacles that come her way?


Starring: Agha Ali, Nimra Khan, Yashma Gill, Sajida Syed, Seemi Pasha, Gul e Rana, Saleem Mairaj, Rashid Farooqui, Asim Mehmood, Rushna Khanzada, Mubasira Khana, and others.

Channel: GEO TV

Writer: Soofia Khurram

Director: Saleem Ghanchi

Producer/ Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

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