Mujhay Vida Kar

Name: Mujhay Vida Kar

Description: Sadia and Rida are bosom friends who have different aspirations in their lives. They both want to marry their prince charmings and settle in their lives living a happily ever life. Sadia wants to marry a rich guy whereas Rida wants to marry a guy who lives abroad. They both get what they wished for but the consequences of their wishes are completely vice versa of what they expected. Sadia marries a rich guy Tauseef, but the groom and his family only want dowry from Sadia. Rida gets married to Usman who lives in the UK, but his parents are also hungry for material wealth. Will Rida and Sadia be able to live a happily ever married life? Only time will tell.


Starring: Madiha Imam, Saboor Ali, Muneeb Butt, Saba Hameed, Shabbir Jan, Raza Talish, Ali Rizvi, Haris Waheed, Sajjad Paul, Sana Askari, Maria Khan, Mariam Ansari, Shaista Jabeen, Paras Mansoor, and others.

Channel: ARY Digital

Writer: Samra Bukhari

Director: Saqib Zafar

Producer/ Production House: I Dream Entertainment

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