Neelam Muneer contracted COVID-19

Neelam Muneer contracted COVID-19

In the wake of the second wave of COVID-19, several public figures have come forward with the ordeals they have faced after being tested positive for COVID-19. Neelam Muneer, the young and beautiful actress who has several hit dramas and a couple of movies under her name, also tests positive for coronavirus. The “Chupan Chupai” star Neelam Muneer shared this dreadful news on her Instagram, where she revealed that she has contracted the coronavirus, unfortunately.

Addressing her fans, she said; “I would like to give you an update on some of the things that I have been going through at my end for the past few days. I have also contracted COVID-19; however, my family members are all safe and healthy.” She said she has quarantined herself and is feeling much better now. She also requested her fans to please pray for her speedy recovery and also observe the SOPs, protect their families, and loved ones by wearing face-masks. She requested them to trust in Allah. The actress received well-wishes from her fans and fellow artists. 

Neelam Muneer contracted COVID-19

Neelam Muneer COVID-19 main mubtala ho gain

COVID-19 ki dosri lehar k doraan bohat sari public figures samnay ai hain aur unhon ne btaya hai k kis tarah unhain COVID-19 main mubtala honay k baad pareshanion ka samna karna par raha hai. Young aur khoobsurat actress Neelam Muneer jinhon ne bohat saray hit dramas aur kuch hit films ki hain wo bhi coronavirus main mubtala ho gai hain. Film Chupan Chupai ki actress Neelam Muneer ne ye buri khabar apnay Instagram account pe share ki, jahan unhon ne btaya k unfortunately unhain bhi coronavirus ho gya hai. Apnay fans ko address kartay huay unhon ne kaha ka “main ap ko un halaat k baray main jin se main aj kal guzar rahi hun k baray main aik update dena chahon gi. Main COVID-19 main mubtala ho gai hun, taham, meray ghar walay sab mehfooz aur sehat mand hain”.

Unhon ne kaha k unhon ne apnay ap ko quarantine kar lia hai aur ab kaafi behtar mehsoos kar rahi hain. Unhon ne apnay fans se kaha k wo please un ki jald sehat yabi k lye dua karain aur apni families ko aur pyaron ko bachanay k lye face-mask ka istimaal karain. Unhon ne ye bhi request ki k sab Allah pe bharosa rakhain. Actress ko apnay fans aur sathi artists se bohat si naik tamannain mili hain.  

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