The Ansoo Lake (Jheel)

The Ansoo Lake (Jheel)

The Himalayan Mountain range is abode to some of the most panoramic and charming lakes of Pakistan. Ansoo lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in this mountain range. Ansoo Lake is situated near the Malika e Parbat in the Kaghan Valley. Kaghan Valley is located in the Mansehra District of the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan.

The altitude of Ansoo Lake, and the way to reach it:

The only way to reach this marvelous Ansoo lake is by trekking. If you are adventurous enough to take this challenge, then you are in for a treat. No road leads to Ansoo Lake. Trekking 5 to 6 hours first from the Saiful Muluk to the base camp of Malik e Parbat and then crossing the glacier is the best way to reach your destination. Ansoo Lake is considered one of the highest lakes in the Himalayan Mountain Range. The elevation of Ansoo Lake above the sea level is 4,245 meters or 13,927 feet. There are horses available at the Saif Ul Muluk Lake to take you to Ansoo Lake. A horseback ride will take you to Ansoo Lake even quicker. But you will also need a guide throughout the trek. No other horse can walk on the track while one horse is walking on it as this track is short and hazardous. Only one horse can walk on it at a time.

The Discovery of Ansoo Lake:

It is said that this lake was first discovered by Pakistani Air Force pilots back in 1993. The PAF pilots were flying over this area at a comparatively low altitude. Even the locals were unaware of this marvel (Ansoo Jheel) before the discovery by PAF pilots. This lake was named “Ansoo” because of its tear-like shape. The Urdu word “Ansoo” means teardrop in English. The best view to look at this lake is from above or from the other side.

The mythical history/ Legend of the Ansoo Lake:

According to the local folklore, there was once a Prince whose name was Saif Ul Malook. The Price fell in love with a fairy princess. The prince wanted to marry the fairy princess, but they both couldn’t get married as the marriage between humans and the fairies were prohibited. The prince, therefore, had to endure many obstacles for almost 12-years so that he could marry the fairy princess.

A White Giant (Deou Safaid) also fell in love with the same fairy princess. He also wanted to marry her but the princess refused as she was in love with the prince. The White Giant kidnapped the fairy princess but couldn’t stop her from loving the prince. This fact made the White Giant very sad and he started to cry. The Ansoo Lake was, thus, formed as a result.   

Tourism In the area:

The difficult terrain of Ansoo Lake has made it inaccessible to numerous nature lovers who want to come to this valley to enjoy the scenic beauty of this lake. The tourists who try to reach this scenic Ansoo Lake believe that if the government wants to promote tourism within the country and from abroad then it should start developing this high-altitude area for nature lovers across the globe. Tracks should be made to make Ansoo Lake accessible to tourists. The trek is usually covered with snow most of the year. July to August is the best time to go trekking to this lake.

How to reach Ansoo Lake:

Tourists who wish to visit Ansoo Lake can take two different routes.

First Way; To reach Ansoo Lake from Lake Saif Ul Malook:

The best time to start this trekking is early in the morning as the trekking gets extremely difficult at night. Low oxygen level is one of the major causes of this difficulty. You can start your trek on foot from Lake Saif Ul Malook to reach Ansoo Lake. This walk will take 7 to 9 hours. This journey can be divided into two halves. From the valley and then from the base of Malika e Parbat to Ansoo Jheel.

Second Way; To reach Ansoo Lake from Village Mahandri:

The second option for the tourists to reach Ansoo Lake is from the Village Mahandri. Mahandri Village is located approximately 25 miles south of the Naran Valley. A jeep can be taken from the Mahandri Bazaar to reach the next village, Manoor. Manoor is also an amazing place to pay a visit. On the way from Manoor village, you reach Dher, a green meadow that appears after 7 hours of trekking, approximately. You reach Ansoo Lake at the end of your journey, as Ansoo Lake is the last stop on this adventurous journey.