Want to get rid of the Acne fast? Try these tips!

Want to get rid of the Acne fast? Try these tips!

Teenagers are the ones who have to face the acne problem because of their raging hormones. Blemishes made during this time can leave more than one type of scar on your skin. Knowing the causes of acne, and learning how to keep it in check, can prevent a single pimple from turning into a disaster. If you are a teenager or a grown-up and looking for the best way to get rid of the Acne fast? Here are some of the remedies that can be used to stop acne.

The best thing to do to get rid of acne is not to get it in the first place. But, once you have acne, the best way to get rid of it, fast, is to follow these few tips!

Tips to get rid of acne fast:

1.       Instead of using harsh chemical face washes to keep your skin clean and clear, use warm water or a clean washcloth, instead.

2.       If you have blemishes as a result of acne, then try to put ice on the irritated blemishes. The cold temperature of the ice can reduce the redness of the pimple and can control its enlargement. Please keep in mind, never apply the ice directly to your skin. Use a tissue or a piece of cloth to wrap the ice and then apply it to your skin.

3.       Another way to get rid of the acne fast is to use Tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can be applied to the blemishes as it contains 5% benzoyl peroxide which helps reduce acne.

4.       One of the major reasons for skin conditions, acne, or pimples, is the bacteria and dirt. Because of the polluted environment, your hands and hair contain a lot of dirt and bacteria. Whenever you touch your skin with these dirty hands, there is a great chance that you will get acne. The best way to prevent acne and skin redness is to wash your hands regularly and keep your hands and hair away from your face as much as possible.

5.       Polluted air, residue from cigarette smoke, grease, and grime built up on your face all day long are some of the main causes of acne and skin redness. The best way to prevent acne fast is to wash your face thoroughly, but gently, many times a day.

6.       There is a myth that oily foods and chocolates cause acne, and obviously, this is not true. But still, you should eat right and take good care of your body. Eating a healthy diet can get your skin acne-free. Eat a healthy mix of all four groups of foods, including fruits and vegetables to keep acne away.

7.       Drinking sugary or caffeinated beverages a lot, smoking, and sun tanning, all can cause skin pore blockages. So, the best way to keep acne away is to stop eating and drinking these things and keep yourself away from these bad/ unhealthy habits.

8.       Use flaxseed oil supplements to keep your skin cleanser and healthier and glowing. These supplements contain a huge amount of Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps in skin regeneration by increasing the blood flow to the skin cells.

9.       Try to keep your hair pulled back off your face, as the oils from our hair can cause skin irritation. This irritation can make it easier for acne to happen.

10.   Use the above tips to keep acne away. Even if it comes back, don’t worry! Just pull out this list again and get rid of the acne fast!