Waqar Zaka hands over Rs. 1 million to Olympic athlete Arshad Nadeem as prize-money

Waqar Zaka hands over Rs. 1 million to Olympic athlete Arshad Nadeem as prize-money

The famous TV host and social media influencer, Waqar Zaka handed over Rs. 1 million as prize money to the Pakistani Olympic athlete Arshad Nadeem on his brilliant performance in the Tokyo Olympics 2020. This amount was given to Arshad during a live-streaming event on Waqar Zaka’s Facebook page. According to Waqar Zaka, the basic purpose of this activity is to appreciate Arshad Nadeem’s brilliant performance on the global platform. Waqar Zaka earlier promised on a local television show that he will give some portion of his earnings from social media to Arshad Nadeem. 

Waqar Zaka said that Indian athletes were promised prizes on their return to their homeland. He said we Pakistanis must not look at our government to appreciate these hardworking athletes. He requested the athletes to aim for Olympic records to perform well and to make targets. Waqar said if the athletes perform well in the Olympic games and achieve their targets, besides him, the whole nation will also support them.


Waqar Zaka ne 1 million rupay ki raqam Olympic athlete Arshad Nadeem ko inaam ke tor pe di

Mashhor TV host aur social media influencer Waqar Zaka ne 10 lakh rupay ki raqam inaam ke tor per Pakistani Olympic athlete Arshad Nadeem ko Tokyo Olympics 2020 main un ki behtreen performance ke badlay main di. Arshad Nadeem ko ye inami raqam Waqar Zaka ke facebook page per aik live streaming event ke doraan di gai. Waqar Zaka ke mutabiq, iss sari activity ka asal maqsad ye hai ke Arshad Nadeem ki aik global platform per di gai behtreen performance ko saraha jaye. Waqar Zaka ne iss se pehlay aik local television show ke doraan ye wada kia tha ke wo social media se honay wali apni earnings main se kuch hissa Arshad Nadeem ko dain gey. Waqar Zaka ne kaha ke Indian athletes ko un key watan wapsi per bohat se inamaat ka wada kia gya hai. Unhon ne kaha ke Pakistanion ko in mehnati athletes ko sarahnay ke lye apni government ki taraf nahi dekhna chahye. Unhon ne athletes se request ki ko apna aim Olympic records ko banayen aur un ki basis per target set karain ta ke acha perform kar sakain. Waqar ne kaha ke agar ye athletes Olympic games main achi performance detay hain aur apnay targets puray kartay hain to un ke ilawa puri quom bhi unhain support karay gi.