Why Do you have Moons on your Fingernails?

Why Do you have Moons on your Fingernails?

Fingernail moons also called the lunula, are the rounded white shadows at the base of your nails. The lunula is the part of a matrix of a nail this is where the nail begins growing. Sometimes lunula is visible on your thumbnails and not on any other fingernail at all. Most probably in this case lunula is hidden under the skin. But if you are not able to see the fingernail moons it doesn’t always depict that there is something wrong with your health.

But in some cases, if lunula has disappeared, and you are experiencing symptoms like dizziness or lightheadedness, weakness, loss of interest in activities you like the most, fatigue, significant weight loss or gain, etc. then you may consider consulting your doctor. The absence of a lunula can be an indication of anemia, depression, and malnutrition. If the lunula takes on a blue color instead of white then it can be an indication of Wilson’s disease that causes an excess amount of copper to accumulate in vital organs like the liver or brain. If lunula turns red then it also indicates several conditions that can affect your health adversely. Most of the time, having no moons on your fingernails doesn’t mean anything serious. However, if the moons have disappeared, or they change their shape or color along with other symptoms, then you might want to visit your doctor. The doctors will diagnose if there is an underlying health condition that needs treatment.

Why Do you have Moons on your Fingernails

Ap k fingernails pe chand kun hotay hain?

Fingernail moons jinhain lunula bhi kaha jata hai wo hamaray nails ki base pe mojood white rounded shadows hotay hain. Lunula matrix ka hissa hota hai aur matrix hamaray nails ka wo hissa hai jahan se nails barhna shuru hotay hain. Aksar lunula sirf hamary tumbnails pe nazar ata hai baqi kisi aur nail pe nahi nazar ata. Aksar is situation main lunula hamari skin k neechay chhupa hota hai. Lakin agar ap ko fingernail moons nazar nahi a rahay to iss ka matlab ye hargiz nahi hai k ap ki health k sath koi masla hai. Lakin aksar cases main agar lunula nazar ana band ho jae aur ap ko ye chand alamaat jaisay, chakar ana ya sir ka bhari mehsoos hona, weakness, apnay pasandida kaamom main dilchaspi na lena, thakaan, aur wazay weight loss ya weight gain wagaira mehsoos hun to ap ko apnay doctor se mashwara kar lena chahye. Lunula ka nazar na ana anemia, depression aur malnutrition ki waja se ho sakta hai.

Agar lunula white k ilawa blue color ka ho jae to ye zahir karta hai k ap ko shayad Wilson disease hai, is disease ki waja se copper ki zada miqdaar ap k vital organs jaisay liver ya brain main jama hona shuru ho jati hai. Agar lunula red color ka ho jae to ye zahir karta hai k ap ko kuch aisa problem hai jis se ap ki sehat buri tarah mutasir ho sakti hai. Zada tar, ap k nails pe moons ka na hona ye zahir nahi karta k ap ko koi serious bemaari hai. Taham, agar moons nazar ana band ho jaen ya apni shakal badal lain ya apna color badal lain aur iss k sath ap ko kuch alamaat bhi zahir hona shuru ho jaen to ap ko apnay doctor ko zaroor visit karna chahye. Kun k doctor hi diagnose karay ga k ap ki sehat k sath koi aisi problem to nahi hai k jis ka ilaaj hona zaroori hai.